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TASTE  (03-May-2006)
Every food or herb has a particular taste and there is a reason for that, although we may not know all of them.

There are four main tastes: -
- Bitter foods (e.g. bitter melon) have the tendency to lower glucose levels.
- Salty foods have the tendency to increase blood pressure.
- Sour foods (e.g. lemon) have the tendency to lower blood pressure.
- Sweet foods have the tendency to increase glucose level in the blood.

As we can see, the taste of one type of food opposes the effect of the other i.e. “Bitter” antagonizes “Sweet” while “Sour” counters “Salty”. This shows that nature has developed some sort of “equilibrium”.
However, it’s up to the human being to eat in a disciplined way by varying the intake of different foods but also to adapt them according to his own constitution, meaning that a hypertensive person should decrease salty foods while increasing sour ones.
The taste buds found on our tongues is a good guide to us when we have to choose the type of foods we want to eat. If we have eaten too much of a food which can affect our body, the taste buds tends to get neutralized and we will not have the same initial taste when we started to eat. (Our stomach will also react by stopping to digest the food properly hence causing some uneasiness/indigestion).
The same applies to different herbs with different tastes, which will make the body react differently by producing different types of e.g. enzymes or other chemical reactions in order to re-equilibrate your system.
Hence, when you are taking our herbs please do remember the above, as it will help you to continue the treatment if ever you have some difficulty in accepting its taste.

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