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Most, if not all, individuals will go through a mild depression or mood disorder during their existence. One will experience this state of mind in difficult circumstances such as the loss of a close relative, loss of one’s job, divorce etc. The symptoms will in most cases go away after a few days or weeks. However, some individuals (around 20 to 25%) will have some degree of clinical depression and the duration may last for a few months or even many years.
Women are slightly more prone to these mood changes than their male counterparts, which may be due to the fact that they are more emotional constitutionally.
Patients suffering from hypothyroidism in some cases also have depression.
In other cases, depression may be also be drug-induced e.g. uses of oral contraceptive, beta-blockers (to reduce blood pressure), etc.
- Anxiety.
- Cryfulness.
- Lack of confidence.
- Negative thoughts.

- Other symptoms which may sometimes accompany the above: -
- Bloating, especially around the solar plexus.
- Falling hair.
- Insomnia while others may also suffer from hypersomnia (excessive sleep).
- Low sexual drive.
- Inactivity and chronic fatigue.
- Decreased ability to concentrate and in decision-making.
- Lack of respiration.
- Nervousness.
- Palpitation.
- Loss of interest in current activities.
- Feeling of worthlessness.
- Suicidal thoughts.
- Lack of appetite or increased appetite in others.
- Weight loss or even weight gain in other patients.

Categories: -
Mild depression soon disappears by itself.
Moderate depression may need treatment while acute & chronic ones definitely need to be treated medically.

Medications: -
Different allopathic treatments are available.
Some may give an immediate relief while others may take a few days or so to work.
Quite often, patients are prescribed a few medications depending on their set of symptoms.
Some patients are able to stop their treatment after a few weeks or months while others may need to continue same for many years or life-long.

Side-effects of allopathic medicine: -
- Suicidal thoughts.
- Water-retention.

(Above side-effects may not be present in all individuals or may appear at various degrees).

How to use our treatment: -
(i) If your symptoms exclude insomnia & that you are not using medications: -
You can start with our “Hypericum Elixir” with 35 drops 2 to 3 times daily, gradually decreasing the dosage as soon as you find that your symptoms are around 90% better, until you can stop it if you feel that you are completely cured. You may use it again in the future if symptoms are back; this will depend on your constitution but also on the problem that you actually had and if are still in the same situation. Mild and moderate cases (which are purely physiological i.e. not related to any external factors) are generally cured within 1 to 2 months. Acute & chronic cases may take longer, around 3 to 4 months but this will depend form individual to individual, which means that the treatment may be longer (only very few cases) but even shorter.
(ii) If your symptoms include insomnia & that you are not using medications: -
Follow the same instructions as above and add to it either “Valerian Elixir” to be taken in the evening or our “Relaxing oil” to be massaged over the body some 3 hours before going to sleep. (Please see our “Insomnia” page for more details).
(iii) If your symptoms exclude insomnia & that you are using medications: -

You can start with our “Hypericum Elixir” with 25 drops 2 times daily, gradually increasing the dosage to 35 drops 2 times then to 3 times daily while at the same time decreasing the allopathic medications as soon as you find that your symptoms are getting better. Continue the treatment until you can all allopathic medications. Then stay on the herbs for some time until you feel that you are cured. You can then start decreasing the herbs until you can stop them completely. You may use it again in the future if symptoms are back; this will depend on your constitution but also on the problem that you actually had and if are still in the same situation.

(iv) If your symptoms include insomnia & that you are using medications: -

(Act in a responsible way).

Decreasing of allopathic drugs should be done in a gradual manner to avoid any reactions or significant increase in symptoms.

(Most cases I have treated with “Hypericum Elixir” have not had to use the herbs again even after many years).

The Treatment

First thing first-----DIET: -

- Oatmeal cooked either in water or milk on a regular basis.
- Fresh fish 3 times weekly.
- Avocados.
- Almonds; advised to be boiled (in powdered form) in full-cream milk & drink 1 to 2 glasses daily.
- Pumpkin.
- Pumpkin seeds; around 35 pieces 2 times daily.
- Lettuce in the evening as salads or even boiled (promotes sleep).
- Passion fruits.
- Grapes (during the day only).

Other Recommendations: -
- Outdoor physical activities have a profound healing effect. The presence of sunlight rays “enlightens” your mind while physical activities will decrease excess “energy” found in the mind and disseminate it over the whole body where the muscles will make use of it.
- Visiting the countryside, gardens, green hills, seaside, etc. where the green and turquoise colours are widely present along with the blueish sky, will certainly help one’s mind to heal itself.
- If you are exposed to environmental stress, one should try to solve the problem earliest possible.
- Always try to find a practical solution to your problems instead of just thinking without acting, i.e. take decisions and fulfil them.
- Think positively, e.g. some people would say a glass half-full while others will say half-empty. So try to be among the former. (Take a few minutes to read the passage “Bright side of things” in our section “Articles”)
- Try phrasing your sentences to reflect that you are positive and hopeful.
- Always have a smile on your lips.
- Prayer is essential in all therapies especially in depression.

-HYPERICUM Elixir: - A unique blend of high potency antidepressant herbal extracts which rebalances the mental activity and also “nourishes” the brain.

- Ingredients: -
- Hypericum perforatum also known in Europe as “St John’s wort is highly revered by ancient practitioners as a nerve healer. Its active constituent “Hypericin” is a mood elevator. Apart from its antidepressant activity, it is also mildly sedative and antiviral.
- Valeriana wallichii is a popular sedative used to promote sleep quality. It calms down nervous hyperactivity, hence making the patient more relaxed. Valerian is non-addictive tranquiliser.
- Bacopa monniera is a revitalising herb for the brain and the nerves. Also considered as a good brain tonic for concentration and memory improvement.

- Dosage: -
(Adult) 25 to 35 drops 2 times daily (3 times daily temporarily, in acute situations); (Children) 10 to 15 drops 2 times daily (3 times daily in acute situations).
Pour in 50ml of hot water, wait until it is cold & drink before meals. Advised to take around 1 hour away if you are taking milk.

-AROMA Relaxing oil: - is combination of Lavender, Vetiver and Ylang ylang essential oils in sunflower oil base.
(To be used only if patient is suffering from Insomnia.)
Ask someone to rub it well over your neck, shoulders, back and posterior legs. In case, you are alone, you can just rub it over your chest, abdomen, arms and anterior legs.
You do not need to know any massaging techniques to do it; just rub the oil over the skin so that it penetrates well inside the latter. Pour a few drops over a specific area then rub until it penetrates. No need to use a lot of oil. The 100ml bottle will last easily for 15 to 20 sessions of a full body massage.
Apply around 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep and leave on the skin.
Use daily until you feel that your sleep is back to normal. You can then use every 2 days then every 3 days, until you can stop it. As this is a non-addictive product, you should then sleep well without its use.

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