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Asthma is defined as spasmodic contraction of the bronchi, causing recurrent attacks of shortness of breath. The airways are usually obstructed with tenacious sputum (viscous mucous), which results in prolonged expiration and wheezing.
It is often accompanied by allergic symptoms such as sneezing, rhinitis (watery or mucous nasal discharge) alternated with stuffed nostrils, and itchiness of eyes as well as nose.
An excessive secretion of mucous increases breathing difficulties. Symptoms may range from mild to moderate, while the acute attacks may be life-threatening.
Quite a high percentage is hereditary. Patients are also likely to be allergic to environmental pollution e.g. dust, pollen, smoke, etc., while others may be hypersensitive to domestic animals and pet birds. Climate changes have major influence on the symptoms.
Sunshine is an important element that patients should consider e.g. beds should be placed near windows so that they get enough rays from the sun to kill microbes. In fact, all the rooms should get some sunshine at some moment of the day. Some patients whose houses have been constructed too close to adjacent high buildings or walls, often do not either get sufficient sunshine or do not get any, are more prone to allergic rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis. The situation is even worse in the high plateau, where it is often cloudy.
Allopathic treatment
The first line of treatment is the use of a broncho-dilator such as “salbutamol” which is effective in relieving shortness of breath in little time but does not treat the underlying causes. It is administered in either tablet, syrup or inhaler forms. An excessive use can cause palpitation and/or tremors of limbs.
Some patients are also prescribed steroids tablets in acute phases and are required to continue its use in inhaler form. Again, its use is often life-long and symptoms appear as soon as the patient stops its use.
Difference between Allopathic and Herbal medicine
While allopathic/chemical drugs tend to bring quick relief, it unfortunately does not treat the underlying cause of the disease, meaning that the patient will have to use the medications daily for life.
Herbal medicine, on the other hand, may take some 3 to 7 days to start decreasing the symptoms until there are no symptoms (this may take a few months depending on the acuteness of the condition) until the patient can stop all medications. (see below for more details).
No interactions have been noted between the allopathic and herbal medicine. However, we would recommend to take them separately leaving some 30 to 60 minutes between them, as a precautionary measure.
How to use our treatment
(i) If you are already using one or more of the above drugs and that you still suffer from symptoms, you should initially continue using them for sometime, until the herbs start to show a decrease in your symptoms. You can start decreasing your allopathic drugs only when you see that your symptoms are better by around 75%.
(ii) If you are already using one or more of the above drugs and that you are not experiencing any symptoms, then you can start decreasing the drugs within a week or so, after starting the herbs. You may then begin to feel some symptoms which should be bearable. However, you should not decrease the drugs any more until the herbs have brought the symptoms under control.
(iii) If you are at present not using any of the above drugs, it should be easier for you to experience the benefits of the herbs within a week or so.
(iv) If during treatment with our herbs, acute symptoms appear, you should not hesitate to seek medical attention and make use of oxygen mask or a nebulizer.
(Act in a responsible way).
Decreasing the above drugs should be done in a gradual manner. Example: if you are taking let’s say 4 puffs of a steroid inhaler and 4 puffs of a broncho-dilator inhaler daily, you can use 3 puffs of a steroid inhaler (1 in the morning & 2 in the evening) and 4 puffs of a broncho-dilator inhaler as soon as symptoms start subsiding (after having started using the herbs). You may then experience some symptoms for a few days which will then disappear. Continue to decrease the steroid gradually until you have been able to stop them completely; this may take a few weeks or months, depending upon the acuteness of your condition. You will also be able to stop the broncho-dilator inhaler with time (a few weeks or months again); you may need to use it again from time to time if you get some temporary symptoms.
After a few months After having been able to stop all the allopathic drugs and that you do not feel any symptoms, then you can start decreasing the herbs gradually until you can stop them. For example, if you are using the herbs 2 times daily, you can use them once daily for a week or so, then every 2 days until you can stop them completely and you are cured.
It may happen that mild symptoms recur from time to time (after a few months or years), especially when having a flu, you may then use the herbs again for a few days and you will be relieved. If ever your symptoms are acute, then use your broncho-dilator inhaler. Try at all costs to avoid the use of steroids.
The Treatment
First thing first-----DIET: -
Most of the products listed below have not been evaluated scientifically, except a few. These are considered as “cold foods”, while others may contain synthetic ingredients or are bad for the health in general./
A few patients who were sceptical about our list (see below), have tried to consume these products again one by one, after feeling better with the herbs(during the treatment); the result is an increase of the symptoms after using them. Symptoms decreased again 1 or 2 days after stopping the products(s). However, you will be able to eat these foods again after being completely cured.
We cannot wait for science to confirm our findings and let the patients suffer in the meantime.
- Bananas
- Cucumber
- Agar agar
- Yoghurt
- Coconut & coconut water - Cho-cho marrow (scientific name: Sechium edule; creole name: Chou chou)
- “Chinese potato” (creole name: Batate chinois)
- Melon
- Watermelon
- Litchi
- Longanes
- Raw Salads
- Rice (for dinner)
- Soft drinks
- Cold drinks
- Ice-cream
- Snacks
- Margarine (100% vegetable oil)
- Canned foods
- Frozen foods
- Alcohol
- Cigarettes
- Monosodium glutamate

There are numerous herbs (e.g. euphorbia hirta, polygalia tenuifolia, pulmonaria officinalis, etc.) with anti-asthmatic properties. Our formula is based on a combination of the best ones, according to our knowledge and experience.
Our formula does not contain Ephedra or Lobelia. These 2 herbs help to alleviate asthma symptoms rapidly but do not cure the disease, according to my knowledge. Moreover, their prolonged use may cause side-effects such as hypertension and that’s why they are under strict control of health authorities of many countries.
We also strongly recommend that you take either raw Garlic (half to one clove twice daily, cut in small pieces, after meals – eat a few peppermint leaves if ever your mouth gives a strong odour) or Garlic capsules/tablets. The dosage for adults will be 2 capsules of Garlic oil 2mg after breakfast and 3 capsules after dinner or 2 tablets Garlic 200 -250mg after breakfast and 3 tablets after dinner.
Also recommended, is the use of Zinc tablets 15mg (elemental) twice daily for a period of one month only, to stimulate the immune system.
Caution: prolonged use may result in a decrease of copper level in your body. Please e-mail us for the price of Zinc tablets.
- Vasika Elixir: - A unique blend of high potency herbal extracts which composed of “Adhatoda vasika, Glycyrrhiza glabra & Piper longum”, which has bronchodilating as well as expectorant properties .
-Ingredients: -
- Adhatoda vasika is a broncho-dilator with expectorant activity. It loosens thick mucous from the lung membranes and decreases inflammation of the latter. It also protects against histamine-induced broncho-spasm.
- Glycyrrhiza glabra is a very popular and old remedy used in Europe. It has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, mainly in soft tissues.
- Piper longum is commonly used in the Indian subcontinent to remove “coldness” of the upper respiratory tract in catarrhal conditions.

- Dosage: -
Adult: - ¾ teaspoon (or 2ml) 2 times daily (3 times daily in acute conditions).
Children: - ½ teaspoon (or 1.5ml) 2 times daily (3 times daily in acute conditions).
Infants: - ⅓ teaspoon (or 1 ml) 2 times daily (3 times daily in acute conditions).

Pour in 50ml of hot water, wait until it is cold & drink before meals. You can even take it after meals in case you have missed it before meals.
Do not hesitate to mix it with some honey to make it tastier for kids.
Avoid taking the herbal tincture close to any dairy products .

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