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Insomnia can be termed as having difficulty of falling asleep and/or early or frequent awakening during the night. However, some people sleep for long hours and still feel tired, as their sleep are not “deep” enough. It often closely associated with psychological factors such as anxiety, depression and stress.
Other causes of insomnia may be linked to alcoholism, drug abuse, environmental changes, hyper-thyroidism, hypoglycaemia and pain due to various problems (e.g. arthritis, kidney stones, etc.). Sometimes, the use of some medications such as beta-blockers, contraceptive pills, hypo-thyroid preparations, etc. may interfere in the sleep cycle. Excessive intake of coffee or tea often contribute to sleeplessness.
The brain uses a good amount of glucose for its normal functioning and a low glucose level in the blood serum is often associated with insomnia. The person may be a normal one but may be dieting or doing excessive exercises, without replenishing the body with necessary “fuel” afterwards. A diet too low in carbohydrates (especially for dinner) or replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners can also affect the sleep pattern.
Allopathic treatment
Depending on the acuteness of insomnia, the patients are often prescribed “psychotropic” drugs for a determined lapse of time. However, some patients have their prescriptions renewed for longer periods of time due to uncontrolled symptoms.
The common side-effect of these drugs is addiction, which anyone would like to avoid.

Naturopathic Approach
First thing first-----DIET: -
The following foods will help in the equilibrium and relaxation of the nervous system: -
• Avocados.
• Passion fruit.
• Oatmeal (daily if possible).
• Fresh Fish, a good portion 3 to 4 times per week.
• Drink Milk (full cream) in which powdered almonds (1 to 2 teaspoons) have been boiled in it; 1 glass morning and another in the evening.
• Lettuce (in the evening).
• Peppermint leaves (in the evening).
• Pumpkin.
• Dry Pumpkin seeds (peel the skin and eat the small “almond” found inside it; some 30 pieces in the morning and in the evening).
Avoid: -
• Foods containing excessive sugar e.g. soft drinks, sweets, snacks, etc. • Refined foods.
• Alcohol. • Excessive Coffee and/or Tea intake; stop its use temporarily if need be.
• Fruits containing Vit.C, in the evening.

Physical Exercises
This is a very important part of the therapy to relax the nervous system, which will in turn improve the sleep quality.
Physical exercises build up confidence in oneself as the person feels more capable and stronger. It reduces the “excess energy” in the brain and distributes it in the body’s muscles, which helps the person to cope with his stress.

In return, the adrenal activity will gradually be normalized through the improved utilization of oxygen by the body tissues. The person will feel better and his symptoms will decrease. His mood as well as his self-esteem will be re-established with time.
Many patients will see their symptoms decrease by around 50 to 100%, only with exercises, hence its importance.

There are numerous herbs (e.g. humulus lupulus, passiflora incarnata, valeriana wallichi, withania somnifera, etc.) with sedative properties. Our formula is based on a combination of the best ones, according to our knowledge and experience.
- Valerian Elixir: - A unique blend of high potency herbal extracts which is composed of “Valeriana wallichi, Crataegus & Withania somnifera”, which has sedative as well as relaxing activities.
-Ingredients: -
- Valeriana wallichi roots acts as a natural relaxant to the central nervous system and improves the sleep pattern.
- Crataegus oxyacanthoides acts as a sedative to the nervous system and improves the oxygen flow in the body.
- Withania somnifera is a widely grown plant in the Asian subcontinent and has been effective in relieving nervous and physical exhaustion. It also relaxes the nervous system.
(Caution: Do not drive or work on machineries after using these herbs, as it will cause somnolence. On the other hand, if it is taken some 2 to 3 hours before going to bed, it will improve sleep quality without leaving any hangovers and dependence. )
When you feel better with the herbs after a few days or weeks (depending on the acuteness of your insomnia), you can decrease the dosage of the Valerian Elixir. Gradually, you can use it every 2 days until you can stop it. Start its use again whenever your sleep is disturbed again. You may need to use Centella Elixir during the day, if ever your insomnia is associated with a stressed lifestyle or Hypericum Elixir if ever your insomnia is associated with depression.
Case study: -
A baby of 4 months old was sleeping for only around an hour at night and around the same during the day. He was administered various drugs prescribed by different pediatricians without relief. The last pediatrician that the parents of the baby contacted was surprised that he was still not sleeping with these powerful drugs and told them that he does not know which drug to prescribe as the baby has tried all of them. When they came to see me, I prescribed them Valerian Elixir which improved the lapse of sleep gradually, within a few days. It took the baby around 6 weeks to have his normal sleep and, his cryfulness and nervousness (attributed to his insomnia) disappeared completely.
- Dosage: -
Adult: - ¾ teaspoon (or 2ml) in the evening before dinner (increase to 1 teaspoon (or 2.5ml) if need be).
Children: - ½ teaspoon (or 1.5ml) in the evening before dinner (increase to ¾ teaspoon (or 2ml) if need be).
Infants: - ⅓ teaspoon (or 1 ml) ) in the evening before dinner (increase to ½ teaspoon (or 1.5ml) if need be).

Pour in 50ml (25ml for infants) of hot water, wait until it is cold & drink before meals. You can even take it after meals in case you have missed it before meals.
Do not hesitate to mix it with some honey to make it tastier for kids.
Avoid taking the herbal tincture close to any dairy products .

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