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Never Think of BYPASS Surgery until you have tried Hawthorn Elixir.

How did I get plaque in the first place?
Most heart disease results from atherosclerosis, which is LDL cholesterol build-up, or plaque, in the artery walls resulting in inflammation and narrowing of the latter.

How does plaque cause a heart attack?
Plaques’ rupture trigger a blood clot that chokes off blood flow to the heart. Without oxygen, heart muscle dies.

Can I reverse heart disease?
Many people are able to stabilize and even reverse atherosclerosis.

Hawthorn Elixir can shrink plaques in the long run and stabilize it in the short term, which can dramatically reduce deaths from heart disease. It contains the following medicinal herbs:

Salvia miltiorrhiza (a Chinese herb) has a similar effect like aspirin which prevents clotting and thickening of the arteries but also improves blood flow.
Hawthorn is a vasodilator and heart restorative used by Dr.Ennis Greene in England, to attain international repute.
Resveratrol is known to reduce platelet aggregation inside the arteries.
Equisetum arvense preserves elasticity of the arteries.

How will I know that I am improving?
Your symptoms will gradually decrease with time (in a week or so) and significant improvements will result in following weeks or months depending on the level of blockage.

As a precaution, use Hawthorn Elixir around 1 hour from your medications.

In the meantime, our product(s) is available for purchase (see below).
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Hawthorn Elixir

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