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Psoriasis is a non-contagious inflammatory skin disease affecting both sexes equally and characterized by thick silvery and scaly patches. As the dead skin gradually peel off (making the skin become reddish), they are replaced by new ones which will in turn die and fall down; this process continues perpetually (except if treated correctly with herbs).

The rate of skin cell division is roughly 1,000 times that of a normal skin, causing scales over the skin which will then shed off.

Protein incompletely digested or inadequately absorbed amino acids can be broken down into polyamines (toxic amino acids). These compounds inhibit the formation of a nucleotide called cyclic AMP which is responsible for the decrease of cell proliferation. These processes occur in the large intestine.

There are 5 types of psoriasis: -
• Erythrodermic psoriasis which spreads as red patches and fine scales. Severe itching is often present. Pain and swollenness may sometimes occur.
• Nail psoriasis appears either as the detachment of the nail from its bed or as pits in the nails or the latter may crumble easily. These can affect either the fingernails or the toenails or both.
• Psoriatic Arthritis occurs in one in ten patients suffering psoriasis. Most often, they will suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, which may cause deformity of the bones. (also see Arthritis section below).
• Pustular psoriasis appears as localized or widespread “pustules” (hence its name) which usually contains non-infectious and non-contagious pus.
• Scalp psoriasis is present in around 50% of those suffering from psoriasis. The chronic of presence of white or silvery scales usually confirms the diagnosis.

Some are very itchy while others are not affected by the latter; reason of which is unknown.
Lesions generally appear on the extensor surfaces of joints such as elbows, knees & other joints.
Some people get only a few spots or patches over the body and/or scalp, while for others it may be systemic. (Patients who have chronic dandruff should treat it as psoriasis). Occasional outbursts occur in many patients while others may never have their symptoms worsen.
Symptoms are aggravated with stress, some foods and the use of a few allopathic medicines, while improvements are noticeable with exposure to sunlight as well as a decrease in animal protein intake (see down for a complete list of diet). Improvement with sea-water depends from individual to individual.

Very acute phases , whereby the patient has fever, reddish skin (painful on touch, sometimes without touching), swollenness of the limbs and a rapid shedding off of the skin, may need to be treated with “rheumatoid arthritis” herbs.

Just like psoriasis, arthritis is also an inflammatory disease but affecting joints instead of the skin. Patients affected with psoriasis are usually more prone to having Rheumatoid Arthritis (and vice versa) than those free from the disease. Most often, the symptoms of arthritis will subside (usually more rapidly than those of psoriasis) during the treatment of psoriasis with our herbs; meaning that patients who are affected with both diseases at the same time need only to treat the psoriasis.

This condition is usually attached to either Eczema or Psoriasis. It is resolved along with other symptoms.

Feverish conditions
Feverish conditions such as in the case of Influenza, will increase the acuteness of psoriasis symptoms temporarily until the fever has disappeared.

Naturopathic point of view: -
The skin is considered as the third kidney of the body. Any “slowdown” in the process of detoxification by the kidneys may result in the accumulation of toxins around the skin area.

The liver is also considered to be producing too much “heat” in the body resulting in the inflammation of the skin. An “underfunctioning” liver will also cause impairment of the gut performance to some extent.

Questions & Answers: -
Does the symptoms of psoriasis disappear completely?

Improvements may range from 90 to 100%. Symptoms may reappear after a few months or years after stopping the herbs, if patient indulges in prohibited foods or has acute bouts of stress.

However, the severity during the recurrence is usually around 50 to 75% less than its initial stage, but again depending from individual to individual.

This tendency is less apparent in patients with small patches than in those suffering from it systemically.

Does the itchiness stop immediately with the herbs?

For some patients, it stops within a week or so, while for others it may take a few months. A few patients have seen the itchiness decrease with the daily application of Castor oil. Many patients have found relief (within a few days or a week) with the use of Black seed (scientific name: Nigella sativa; Common name: Mangralia), a remedy prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). (see DIET section for explanation about its use).

Patients who initially had improvement quite early may not see the same results as quickly, especially if they have had “steroid” injections and/or tablet (whether for psoriasis symptoms or for some other diseases not related to the latter).

Is the rate of improvement the same for all parts of the body?

Again, this depends from individual to individual. For some patients, psoriasis patches found on the lower parts of the body (e.g. tibias) may take more time than other parts of the body.

Does side-effects exist with the herbs?

Rarely patients are allergic to either the herbs or the cream or the oil. Very few patients do eventually react negatively to the application of the “Pongamia oil” and will need to discontinue it. They may alternatively use our “Aloe vera leaf” cream.

However, they can continue with the internal treatment.

What is the difference between the internal and the external treatment?

In fact, it is the internal treatment which is the most important one contributing to most of the improvement, while the two other mentioned are of valuable support. Conventional (or allopathic) treatments are mostly based on the application of steroid creams (which is effective temporarily only). Internal treatment will only begin if the patient fails to respond to topical applications.
The former usually consists of taking either “Neotigazon tablets” or “Methrotrexate tablets”. Again, symptoms will improve temporarily and regular use of the products will finally be prescribed. Both medications have serious side-effects in the long run and patients need to have regular liver function tests to know if they can still take them.
Some patients may experience flare-ups after stopping the allopathic internal treatments. If you start with our herbs while decreasing (until you stop) the intake of the above drugs, the flare-ups may be around 50% less acute that it would have been.

If I start with your treatment what do I do if I am on medications?

If you are using either “Neotigazon tablets” or “Methrotrexate tablets”, you will need to decrease them gradually until you can stop them to avoid any reactions.

We also recommend that you take our herbal formulas around one hour either before or after the allopathic drugs during the period of weaning.

However, you will need to stop all allopathic topical applications immediately and replace them with our herbal ones. Our herbal creams or oils may not be as powerful (in the short term) as its allopathic counterparts but they will not cause any dependency. This also proves that our products do not contain any allopathic drugs (including steroids); all of our active ingredients are purely of herbal origin.


First thing first-----DIET: -

Most of the products listed below have not been evaluated scientifically, except a few.
For instance, red flesh has recently been proven to increase inflammation if you already have the latter. Normal individuals can continue to eat red flesh (we recommend the one from animals reared without hormones or other chemical drugs) in moderation.
Chemical hair dyes have also been proven to increase the risks of bladder cancer as well as rheumatoid arthritis.
A few patients who were sceptical about the rest of the products listed below, have tried to use these products again one by one, after feeling better with the herbs; the result is an increase of the symptoms after using the product(s). Symptoms decreased again 1 or 2 days after stopping the products(s).
We cannot wait for science to confirm our findings and let the patients suffer in the meantime.

- Chilli
- French beans
- Aubergine
- Watercress
- Bananas
- Yoghurt
- Canned foods
- Red flesh & Fish of red flesh
- Frozen fish & flesh
- Crabs, Octopus, Prawns, Shrimps & Squids
- Monosodium glutamate
- Margarine
- Soft drinks
- Alcohol
- Fast foods & Snacks
- Hair dye (made from chemicals)
- Perfumed & Coloured Soaps; use a mild one containing
vegetable glycerine instead.

In acute cases, a temporary halt in all animal protein intake is highly desirable.

- Oatmeal : - cooked (in water preferably) once per day or every two days (depending on severity).
- Tea (black or green): - (without milk) after lunch and dinner.
- Bitter melon: - one or two daily in salads (depending on severity).
- Vit.A Foods: - Avocados and Carrots are usually the ones indicated.
- Black seed: boil 1 tablespoon of these seeds in 2 cups of water for around 5 mins. on low fire, while covering the utensil (to avoid the loss of the extracted oil). Drink 1 cup morning and one in the evening.
It’s good to note that even vegetarian people suffer from psoriasis, although the percentage among them might be less.


- Agrimonia Elixir: - A unique blend of high potency herbal extracts which includes a detoxifying formula for the liver as well as for the kidneys. It rebalances the organs to perform optimally and also cools down the system, thus decreasing the inflammatory process of soft tissues, especially the skin.
- Ingredients: -
- Agrimonia eupatoria contains mucilage and tannins (as well as vitamins B) which tone the mucous membrane of the digestive tract (including the liver). This in return increases gastric and enzymatic secretion as well as improving food digestion & absorption. Its astringent properties are also well known. It has also been used against rheumatoid arthritis in the past.
- Althea officinalis is a very popular and old remedy used in Europe. It is abundant in mucilage which makes it soothing for an inflamed alimentary canal as well as other soft tissues.
- Urtica dioica contains flavonoids as well as vitamins (including vit.C) and minerals (including iron & silica). Its diuretic properties help to detoxify the kidneys but also remineralises the system.

- Dosage: -
(Adult) ¾ teaspoon (or 2ml) 2 times daily (3 times daily temporarily, in acute situations); (Children) ½ teaspoon (or 1.5ml) 2 times daily (3 times daily in acute situations). Pour in 50ml of hot water, wait until it is cold & drink after the main meals. Advised to take around 1 hour away if you are taking milk.

- Pongamia Complex: -
- Pongamia glabra oil is an antiseptic and antiparasitic with stimulant healing properties. It is traditionally used in Eczema, Herpes, Pityriasis, Porrigo capitis, Psoriasis & Scabies.
- Neem oil is famous for its antifungal action.
- Dosage: -
Massage over affected areas 2 to 3 times daily, and once daily only over scalp.
(Use only a neutral shampoo e.g. baby shampoos when washing the scalp and hair.)
Pierce 2 holes in the internal cap for the oil to flow in drops.
Only a small amount need to be applied over the affected areas only. Gently rub it over the area and leave it to heal.

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Male of 57 years old, Arms; (02 March 2005) BEFORE
Male of 57 years old, Arms; (04 July 2005) AFTER
Male of 57 years old, Abdomen; (02 March 2005) BEFORE
Male of 57 years old, Abdomen; (04 July 2005) AFTER
Male of 59 years old, Left Knee; (01 October 2004) BEFORE
Male of 59 years old, Left Knee; (09 December 2004) AFTER
Male of 40 years old, Lower Back; (05 May 2004) BEFORE
Male of 40 years old, Lower Back; (19 August 2004) AFTER

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