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Date : 05-Jun-2007
Name : Ritesh Kumar Dhora
Age : 25
Sex : Male
Address: 37, Avenue Soobiah Reduit, Mauritius. Mauritius.

I would like to thank M.Imran Abdool as he has been really nice talking with and explains u very well what u suffer from and what kind of medicines suits u better so as the treatment can be effective to its maximum.
Its been 4 Days since I've got bronchitis and the effects are very positive.
I'm very grateful to Elixir Herbals.

Thank you.
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Aroma Relaxing oil
Aroma Relaxing oil
This is a unique blend of Lavender, Vetiver and Ylang ylang essential oils in grapeseed base oil.
Very effective within a few days or a week, especially if you are not using a psychotropic tablet.  More details

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For 5 years i was suffering from allergy, i was relying on chemical medicines like Budeflam, clatine etc.. for relief everyday. These medicines worsened my health in the long term causing other proble.....

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